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Let your body reach perfection.

This weight-loss program is unique way of body mass reduction since it uses natural and secure way of losing weight. Weight loss is permanent and the user adopts habits of healthy life, balanced diet and regular physical activity.

This program uses the combination of three factors of body weight reduction and decreases body fat in a natural way. Healthy, properly balanced diet is the starting point for weight loss and a healthy life. After consultative examination by our nutritionist, an individual diet plan is created for each user and it is applied during the course of the program, but which is recommended to become the basis of healthy diet after the completion of the program, for long-term results. Physical activity is recommended as a part of a healthy lifestyle, and it is essential in every weight loss program, and it is crucial in preserving healthy and toned body. All those who believe that excluding this aspect from the formula can result in weight loss - they do not take into consideration health preservation and immunity. Regular exercise and walking are a pre-requisite for every individual.

The third aspect is what our program separates from all others and make it unique - natural factor of Banja Koviljaca. It is well-known that healing mud and thermo-mineral water detoxify the body and do the body scrubbing, thus removing toxins and unwanted substances. Regular use of this therapeutic procedure for 10 or 14 days has a favorable effect on the entire organism, and at the same time improves metabolism, leads to a better complexion and makes you fresh and alleviated


* Weight-loss program 10 days– 60.000 RSD

* Weight-loss program 14 days – 85.600 RSD

Single room supplement - 1.000RSD per day.


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