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Medical rehabilitation, treatment and prevention programs are conducted in Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital Banja Koviljaca, using the following therapeutic procedure:

Bathing in sulphuric thermo-mineral water, in bathtubs or swimming pools or partial baths
Vaginal spraying using sulphuric thermo-mineral water
Peloido-therapy in the form of mud wraps
High and low frequency electromagnetic therapy
Laser therapy
All kinds of electro therapies
Vacuum therapy
Horizontal therapy
Sono therapy
Manual, vibro and underwater massage
Different kinds of special manual massage (e.g. reflexology foot massage, manual lymphatic drainage, shiatsu massage)
Paraffin therapy
Different kinds of photo therapy
Hydro therapy
Hydro kinesis therapy
Physical therapy Occupational therapy

It is possible to use our other therapeutic procedures in addition to the therapies that are included in a treatment day.


More details on each therapeutic procedure and its application can be read below

Thermo-mineral water of Banja Koviljaca belongs to the group of Sodium-Calcium-Hydro Carbonated Sulfide-rich hypotherms, its pH is -6.54 and it is at a temperature of 29.7 °C.  It is rich in hydrogen sulfide with 12 mg/l, which is 5 mg of pure sulfur per liter, and as such, it is suitable for treating various forms of rheumatism, posttraumatic states, mild neurological damages, certain gynecological conditions etc.  
Depending on the indications, Thermo-mineral water can be applied in the form of baths (partial or general), bathing in pools and spraying.

Partial baths are applied at temperatures ranging from 27°C - 42°C, lasting for 15 minutes, by submerging upper and lower extremities (either all limbs together or individually) into specialized tubs.

Bathing in bathtubs or swimming pools with sulfuric water, at a temperature of 36°C, lasts for 20 minutes. This therapy can be recommended in combination with thermo-mineral mud wraps.
The effectiveness of thermo-mineral sulfuric water is multiple: it improves circulation, softens joint contractures in posttraumatic states or rheumatic diseases, reduces psoriatic changes to the skin, improves blood count, and relaxes the muscles and the entire organism.


Vaginal spraying is splashing using thermo-mineral sulfuric water at a temperature of 36°C, under certain pressure and at a certain speed. The procedure lasts for 20 minutes. Vaginal spraying aids in chronic inflammatory processes of genitourinary tract and various forms of sterility.

Mud wraps, at a temperature ranging from 38°C - 42°C, are applied as body wraps or segmental wraps, in layers 3-5 cm thick, and lasting for 20 minutes.

The application of mud is used to treat: inflammatory rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis), degenerative rheumatism (arthrosis, spondylosis), extra-articular rheumatism (fibrositis, myositis, tendonitis), psoriasis, posttraumatic states, diseases of locomotor apparatus, chronic gynecological diseases. There is a significant aesthetic effect that our mud has on the skin, since it provides skin exfoliation and gives it a velvet-like softness and glow.

The application of electromagnetic field in therapeutic purposes (for 30 minutes) is performed using:
- Low frequency electromagnetic field – up to 50 Hz: mattress, bed/pad, cuff, solenoid, local magnetic applicator
- High frequency electromagnetic field – ranging from 320-640 Hz: antenna

Electromagnetic therapy decreases swelling, inflammation and pain, accelerates healing process, joining of bone fractures and tissue regeneration in injuries. Most common states in which this therpy is applied are bone fractures, injuries, arthrosis/arthritis, and osteoporosis.


Treatment using laser light is performed in either stable or scanning technique. Duration of the treatment may vary. Laser beams frequency ranges from 10-100 Hz, on all wave lengths (and the best is 600 nm), and its application on the painful area decreases the aching. Frequencies ranging from 1000-3000 Hz on all wavelengths (and the best is 904 nm) decrease inflammatory processes and reduce swelling. Bio-stimulating effect is achieved at the frequency ranging from 300-600 Hz, on all wavelengths (and the best is between 630-660 nm)

Treating painful conditions with electric current is done using different types of electrotherapy. Duration of the therapy may vary depending on the diagnosis or a certain current may have a prescribed time of application.
Galvanic continuous direct current, applied in the form of stable galvanization, electrophoresis of medicines or hydro galvanic procedures, improves circulation, reduces pain and inflammatory processes. Galvanic current is prescribed in arthrosis/arthritis, cervical and lumbar syndrome, distortions, neuralgias, etc.
Electrostimulation in the form of exponential currents is significant in muscle flaccidity and muscle function loss, since it achieves muscle stimulation and strengthening.
TENS (transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation) is used to eliminate neurogenic pain, so it is significant in both painful disorders and sports and other injuries as well.
Application of Diadynamic currents (intermittent low frequency galvanic current) leads to a fast and efficient analgesic effect, so this is applicable in degenerative and inflammatory rheumatism, injuries etc.
Medium frequency – interferential currents improve joining of bones after fractures, regeneration of peripheral nerves, improving tissue throfics , reducing pain. Unlike other types of electrotherapy, they can apply in conditions where osteosynthetic material is present.

Vacuum therapy performs endomassage (arms, legs, body), by interchanging of pressure and sub pressure of certain values. It can be performed on the devices named Vasculator (for one extremity) and Green Press (cuff for upper and lower extremities). It achieves the drainage of intercellular liquids, elimination of toxins, improving blood and lymph flow. It is recommended for: arterial sclerosis, diabetic foot, smoker leg, lymphedema, varicose veins and capillaries, osteoporosis, swelling, weak central and peripheral circulation, sports injuries, post thrombosis states, wound healing.

Horizontal therapy implies the application of medium frequency currents with explicit analgesic and biostimulating effect. Duration of the application may last 20 minutes up to an hour. It has a wide spectrum of application in physical medicine, from various types of rheumatism, posttraumatic states, osteoporosis, metabolic changes, circulation disorders etc.

Sound therapy is applied in the form of classic ultrasonic massage, sonophoresis (medicine insertion via ultrasound) and subaqually (in water environment), lasting for 5-10 minutes.
Considering the strong synchronous effect (mechanical, thermal and neurological) of ultrasonic waves, sound therapy is efficient in acute condition, for example: acute bursitis (knee, shoulders), acute injuries of soft tissues (sprains, contusions, hematoma), posttraumatic swellings, neuralgias (ischiadicus – Sciatic nerve, Herpes Zoster), lumbago, diskopathy - Degenerative disc disease, Morbus Bechterw etc.

Massage is performed manually (by a therapist), or with the help of a machine (manual vibrator), or underwater (in a Hubbard tank). Depending on the size of the treated area and the diagnosis, a massage can last several minutes (vibro massage), 20 minutes (underwater massage) and up to one hour (manual massage).
Massage increases blood flow in the treated area, reduce muscle and nerve tension, decreases pain, normalizes metabolic processes, cleans dead cells from the surface of the skin etc.

Massage should be applied in convalescent states, chronic fatigue, insomnia, degenerative changes on the joints, neuralgias, sciatic nerve, edema, cardiovascular diseases.

Special types of massages are performed at the Wellness center.
FOOT REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE is an ancient treatment which is applied for over than five centuries in the Far East, mostly in China and India, but also in Thailand and Egypt. It is based on the fact that ona human foot there are over 7000 nerve endings distributed across different zones. Each zone reflects a certain organ or sstem of organs. By applying soft massage or pressure to a certain area, it stimulates the functioning of certain organs or the entir organism. its duration is 50 minutes. This massage affect weakblood flow, digestion problems, diseases of the respiratory system, headaches, tensions, fatigue...
SHIATSU MASSAGE, as an ancient oriental technique which is based on the premise that a man's life energy is concentrated down energy meridians. This massage, which lasts around one hour, is stmulated life energy flow and thus creats the conditions for self-healing. Body is relived of stress and tension, and the function of interna organs is improved. Unlike other forms of massage, Shiatsu is performed over light and thin clothes, on the floor. To accompany massages of the East, it is necessary to apply appropriate diet plans, breathing techniques, physical and mental activity.

MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE is a special kind of therapeutic and beauty procedure that improves the workings of lymphatic system, that is, it activates lymph circulation, stimulates tissue regeneration and increases the defence capability of an organism. 
Manual Lymphatic drainage performs detoxification of the organism and improves metabolic processes, so it is effective in swollen legs syndrome, problems with vein insufficiency or posttraumatic swelling.

Paraffin therapy is performed through the application of warm paraffin gauzes on prescribed segments on the body. It is easy to prepare and it gives fast results. The procedure lasts 20 minutes. As an opening procedure for other therapies, it is very effective in posttraumatic states, muscle and nerve paralysis, degenerative changes on the joints, etc.

Phototherapy is the application of light as a treatment method. Bioptron® light therapy system acts in a natural way, increasing organism’s capability to regenerate, restore balance and release its self-healing potential. Light energy has a beneficial effect on various biological processes in the organism thus improving bodily functions.
Bioptron® lamp is essential when treating wounds, pain and depression treatment, in dermatology and pediatrics.

Hydrotherapy is the application of water in therapeutic purposes and it is performed in hygienic or sulfuric water. For such purpose, swimming pools, bathtubs, partial baths, Hubbard tank and four-cell baths are used. Hydrotherapy has a favorable effect on bone and joint system, blood flow, skin, metabolism, breathing, hormonal and nervous system. Duration of hydro procedures is 20-30 minutes.


Movement in water environment has the goal to treat and rehabilitate, and it has the joined effects of kinesiotherapy and beneficial effect of water as a mediator. Water exercises give faster results regarding the increase in range of motion, nerve recovery, increasing muscle tone, improving circulation and relaxation. Hydrokinesiotherapy is performed in swimming pool or bathtub, and it lasts 20-30 minutes.

Kinesiotherapy uses dose-matched control intervention as a means of treatment. It is performed in kinesiotherapy room, lasting for 30 minutes or longer. Kinesiotherapy is indispensable in physical and rehabilitation medicine, and it is inexpensive and available at the same time. The goal of kinesiotherapy is to avoid or reduce physical disability.
Therapeutic exercises strengthen the muscles, increase joint mobility, improve coordination and balance, increase stamina and circulation, and reduce edema and spasm.
Kinesiotherapy is used to treat: rheumatic diseases, degenerative changes of the joints and spinal column, discus hernia and its postoperative states, osteoporosis, posttraumatic states of upper and lower extremities and spinal column, damages to the central nervous system, lesions of the peripheral nerves, muscle diseases, lymphedema, diseases that affect children (congenital malformations, posttraumatic states, neuromuscular disorders, systemic and other diseases that appear during growth and development of children).

Occupational therapy (treatment by performing various work activities) enables the patient to retain or improve physical health, mental sharpness and emotional wellbeing, that is, to achieve greater independence in performing everyday activities and preserving regular lifestyle. It is significantly important in both children and adults.
Functional occupational therapy preserves or improves joint and muscle function, as well as mental function. Comprehensive (amusing) occupational therapy has the aim to engage the patient psychologically. Professional occupational therapy is performed to readjust the patient to their work environment.
Occupational therapy is recommended for the patients that for any reason have walking disabilities.

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