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Natural cure from the depths of the Earth

Banja Koviljaca is one of Serbia's oldest and most visited natural health resorts. In addition to all forms of physical therapy, there are also two natural healing factors: healing water and peloid (mud). Thermo-mineral water and peloid of Banja Koviljaca are proof that forces of nature are the best healers.

Thermo-mineral water which is used in therapeutic procedures at the Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital Banja Koviljaca, is taken from the depth of 67 m, at a temperature of 29.1 C.

Based on the terrain examination and complete physical and chemical analysis, it belongs to the group of Sodium-Calcium-Hydro Carbonated Sulphide-rich hypotherms. The most important therapeutic effects are ascribed to the high concentration of Sulphur. It is widely known that all healing waters are efficient in treating rheumatic diseases, but Sulphur-rich waters are considered a "golden standard" since Sulphur participates in the cartilage structure. Thermo-mineral water is applied in the form of baths (partial or general) and spraying.

Balneotherapy can produce changes to the entire metabolism, it can speed up regeneration processes, and the latest findings suggest that sulphuric water have an anti-oxidative effect and that they can slow down the ageing process, as well as to reduce the production of free radicals.

Peloid found in Banja Koviljaca is of mineral origin and it is classified as a low-alkaline and reductive peloid. 

It is prepared in special partitioned outdoor mud pools, which are filled with clay taken from the surrounding area. The clay is ground and mixed with sulphuric thermo-mineral water. Ripening of the mud is done in anaerobic conditions which are maintained by a constant flow of sulphuric water over the clay.

It takes three years and occasional mixing for the peloid ripening process to complete. During that period, the optimal concentration of the dissolvable substances is achieved. Fine granulation of the peloid contributes to its good plasticity, skin-adhering and water-binding capabilities - traits which are very important for therapeutic application.

Peloids have enormous thermal capacity, and little thermal conductivity and can be classified as favorable thermal-therapeutic materials. This allows for gentle and uniform transition of peloid heat into a patient's body. In Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital Banja Koviljaca, peloid is used for therapeutic purposes in the form of mud wraps.

Mechanical effect of peloid baths affects blood and lymphatic vessels and can cause changes in blood flow and lymph flow in the body. Chemical effect of peloid is not researched enough, however, it is known that it occurs as a consequence of the absorption of minerals through skin. Most prominent effect of peloid is its warmth which speeds up circulation, metabolic processes, reduced pain and increaces the secretion of glands of internal secretion.

Thermo-mineral healing mud and water of Banja Koviljaca combined produce extraordinary therapeutic effects. They have a favorable effect since your skin becomes smooth, soft, elastic, and the warmth of the peloid causes the skin to swell and the pores to open, which enables the healing ingredients of this mud wrap to penetrate the skin.

The quality of the thermo-mineral water and peloid has been confirmed by Prof. dr Zeki Karagulle, M.D., President of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology (ISMH) himself.

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