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the combination of special essential oils and massage techniques improves the circulation and flow of lymph which in turn dissolves cellulite, perfecting the muscle and skin tone. With this massage, it is possible to go quite near the area which is affected by cellulite, and the touch intensity is adjusted individually. This massage is performed by two therapists.

Duration of the massage: 30 minutes


This full-body massage, excluding the face and the head, is used to achieve profound relaxation of your body on a physical, emotional and psychological level. The techniques which are used result in the best effects when it comes to relieving the pains caused by stress and bad life habits; they help eliminate the toxins from the organism and achieving ultimate relaxation and a better mood. Worm ambient, inspirational background melodies and the massage itself have the aim to bring your body in a state of total relaxation.

 Duration of the massage: 50 minutes


Synchronized movements of two therapists will give you the sensation of supreme harmony, balance and tranquility, restoring energy stability in your body. This massage affords the total sensation of glamour and sophistication and it is refreshment for the body and soul.  

Duration of the massage: 30 minutes


This massage is designed to relax your body and soul, and it has an anti-stress effect, so it is the right choice for people constantly exposed to stressful situations. This is a full body massage, including the face and head, and it is performed using aromatic oils that have a soothing and relaxing effect.

Duration of the massage: 50 minutes


This is an increased intensity massage which is fast and energetic. It is a full-body massage which uses special oils that speed up the circulation. It also accelerates the process of removing the lactic acid caused during muscle work and thus enables the process of quick recovery of the muscles. This massage is recommended to both professional athletes and other occasional sports enthusiasts.

Duration of the massage: 20 minutes (per segment)


This massage stimulates a large number of reflexology zones on the face and head with which it is influenced on the entire organism. Proper face and head massage can relieve of anxiety, stress, headache and exhaustion, and even stimulate cheerfulness and pleasure.

Duration of the massage: 30 minutes


Shiatsu massage returns the normal flow of life energy with the aim to restore the balance in the body and to achieve psychological and physical health. This ancient Japanese technique insists on proper breathing, muscle stretching and acupressure stimulation of 14 meridians which carry life energy. It is performed on a mattress, on the floor, in comfortable clothes, without the use of oil.

Duration of the massage: 60 minutes


this massage is the result of experience acquired over many years and it is performed by two therapists. It ensures the complete relaxation of body and soul. This massage ends in application of warm bags, filled with aromatic herbs which add to the relaxation and stress reduction. It will propel you into finding your inner peace and balance in physical, psychological and spiritual sence.

Duration of the massage: 30 minutes


It is a therapeutic massage of the back, neck and shoulders, and it is excellent for reducing muscle tension and removing painful unpleasant tightness. Due to the multitude of nerves that are located on the back, the effect of this massage is felt throughout the entire body. This massage only treats the back, but the technique applied creates the sensation throughout the entire body, and it relaxes it completely.

Duration of the massage: 30 minutes


specially designed technique of stimulation of certain points on the feet which directly influences certain organs in the body and affects relieving or complete removal of pain, in legs, as well as in the organs with which those points correspond. With the help of this massage, the flow of lymph is improved and the detoxification of the body is stimulated. Massage of the reflexology zones has an extremely relaxing effect and it can almost replace full body massage.

Duration of the massage: 50 minutes


NEW in Kovilje Wellness Center - try this ancient oriental massage technique named Shi-thai and experience unforgettable sensation of the Far East. Feel you every muscle relaxes with this massage which is performed on the mat, on the floor in clothes.
Duration of the massage: 90 minutes


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