Indulge in complete relaxation in pleasant environment of our swimming pools. We offer you outdoor swimming pool which is open all year round and its water is at a temperature ranging from 30-33 oC depending on the temperature outside. During winter, the pool is filled with thermo-mineral water. There is also an indoor swimming pool which offers complete relaxation with hydro- and air-massage effects and it is ideally designed, with a pleasant water temperature of 30 °C. Duration of the content: 60 minutes


Finnish saunas have a beneficial effect on your health and good mood, beautiful complexion, face and body. Sauna relaxes the muscles and improves the overall physical and psychological condition. Regular use improves immunity, burns calories, reduces stress and stabilizes blood pressure. The pores widen and dead skin, dust and toxins are removed by sweating in a natural way. Different aromas with which the oven is poured have a favorable effect on your mood, they relax and sooth and lead you to an unforgettable olfactory world. They are designed for the lovers of traditional form of sauna at high temperatures. Duration of the content: 30 minutes


The gym is equipped with professional exercise devices which satisfy your basic needs for cardio and strength exercises. Duration of the content: 60 minutes


This is something you simply must try! Royal bathtub represents the exclusive and authentic offer in our wellness center. It has retained its original look from the era it was constructed for the King himself. It is applied with thermo-mineral water or with aromatic bath. In our magnificent Royal bathtub you can enjoy alone or in pair. Duration of the content: 20 minutes


Application of body wraps causes increased hydration and firmness of the skin, and at same time, it relaxes and soothes the muscles. Body wrap is applied on the entire body, after which you are wrapped in cellophane, and after that covered with a blanket and left to relax on warm tepidariums. The types of body wraps that we offer are the following:

  • MUD - healing mud (peloid), which we recommend to healthy persons who want to preserve and improve their health, as well as to those who feel tired, tense and living a stressful life. The peloid improves the circulation, exfoliate the skin, and detoxification is done through sweating, which removes bacteria and opens up the pores. The application of mud wrap relaxes tense muscles, and all this is done in pleasant and comfortable warmth in the authentic ambiance of Royal Bath.
  • CHOCOLATE has a fantastic effect on the skin. It nourishes and regenerates it, improves her elasticity (tone) and it slows down the aging process. The skin becomes wondrously soft and silky.
  • WINE MASK - izuzetan antioksidant - anti age efekat - inicira eliminaciju slobodnih radikala na ćelijskom nivou i njihovo izbacivanje putem fiziološkog sistema.
  • ALGAE - Algae mask has an anti-cellulite effect and it detoxifies the body. It also makes subcutaneous tissue firmer and tighter. Duration of the content: 20 minutes


This is exfoliation of the dead surface skin cells, so the skin remains smooth and fresh. The exfoliation will remove dead skin cells, renew and regenerate the skin, relieve of tiredness, refresh and relax the body and engage your soul. We offer the following types of body scrub:

  • MUD - mud (peloid) does the finest body exfoliation, improves skin quality so it becomes healthy-looking, hydrated and smooth.
  • COFFEE - with all of its ingredients, fat, albumins, oils and organic acids, coffee is useful in preventing premature aging of the skin. Due to its anti-oxidative effect, the skin becomes smooth and rejuvenated.
  • OLIGO HYDROGEL - contains apricot and almonds seeds, algae, aloe vera and sea salt. It is completely natural peeling which does not damage the surface of the skin due to its fine granulation. It removes dead cells and other deposits and thus helps the skin to naturally regenerate.
  • CREAM EXFOLIATION – creamy structure of this peeling is due to its ingredients - aloe vera and algae with traces of almond – which gives the skin a natural and renewed look.

Duration of the content: 20 minutes


Aqua Detox Medical is a device that uses latest technology to help our body while detoxifying. Detoxification stimulates natural bodily functions of extraction and enables removal of toxins and other harmful substances which have gathered in the body. Detoxification is done on the feet which have over 2000 pores. Duration of the content: 30 minutes


Pass for the Kovilje Wellness Center includes using sauna, fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pool. It can be used every day from 8-22h.
Duration of the content: 180 minutes


Half-day pass for the Kovilje Wellness Center includes using sauna, fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pool. It can be used from Monday till Friday from 8-14h. Half-day pass cannot be used during national holidays.
Duration of the content: 180 minutes


To use the contents, it is necessary to BOOK THE TIME. However, it is NOT necessary to book the time for the following: wellness pass, wellness half-day pass.
- For each guest, BATHROBE, TOWEL AND SLIPPERS are provided at the wellness center
- For each guest, it is possible to arrange a CONSULTATION WITH A DOCTOR