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    Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital Banja Koviljaca
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    Healing mud and thermomineral water
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    Welcome to the oasis of tranquility, regeneration and relaxation – welcome to Kovilje Wellness Center!
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    Comfortable rooms and studio apartments in stunning villas
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    You have the right to be allright
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    30 years of caring for the young ones


Welcome to Specialized rehabilitation hospital Banja Koviljaca

Prim. dr Aleksandar Jokić, MD MSc, physiatrist - balneoclimatologist

General Manager

Thank you for your interest in our Medical center in Banja Koviljaca. As a good Serbian host, I will try to introduce you to the natural wonders of this Pearl of the Podrinje Region and the numerous medical programs and services that our Center offers.
If you decide to be our guest, I am certain that your expectations will be fully met.
Do not hesitate to contact our departments and staff or me personally, if you need any further information.
We hope you will be delighted with our hospitality.


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