Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital Banja Koviljaca is equipped with 416 beds in luxurious studio apartments, single and double rooms awarded “B” category in hotel standards. Each room and studio have their own bathroom, local and cable TV, AC, Wi-Fi, telephone and a direct line. All facilities of our Medical Center are mutually connected via system of warm corridors.

Within Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital Banja Koviljaca, which is situated in this Banja’s park, there are several accommodation facilities, stunningly unique, which attribute to the preservation of a traditional look of this royal spa resort.

Smeštaj Banja Koviljača

Accommodation facilities

Novi objekat

Novi objekat

NOVI OBJEKAT – main accommodation facility of our medical center. In Novi Objekat, there are reception, administrative departments, outpatient clinic, diagnostics and therapy ward, rooms and studios and a restaurant. Accommodation is on the I, II and III floor, and the elevator goes up to the II floor. III floor is a loft and it can be reached only by stairs.

Vila Hercegovina

Villa Hercegovina

Traditional children’s ward which exists over a quarter of a century, and only recently it was revived when most of the Villa was renovated, and it was adapted to the accommodation of adults as well as children. Therapeutic procedures for children are performed in Villa Herzegovina, as well.

Vila Dalmacija

Villa Dalmatia

This pre-World War I edifice from the period of monarchy was built as a mirror image of Villa Herzegovina, but a keen observer will notice the subtle differences of those two buildings. In Villa Dalmatia, our guests can choose from a number of bright, pleasant and comfortable rooms, and luxuriously furnished studio apartments with terraces and balconies. Villa Dalmatia is one of the trademarks for Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital, as well as Bath of King Petar I, and it represents our finest accommodation offer.

Facility Standard

Facility Standard

It is located at the very center of Banja Koviljaca, on the northern entrance into Banja’s park. It is about 300 meters away from Novi Objekat and Bath of King Petar I. Within Standard, there is a restaurant with a summer garden, and some of the therapeutic procedures are performed there.