What is the Orthokine®-therapy?
The unique Orthokine®-therapy system is a way of treating joint and back pain, as well as tendon or muscle injuries, without drugs or other foreign substances. The method is completely biological, making use of the body’s own endogenous proteins and healing factors only.
The process starts with blood being drawn from the vein. The blood is processed under special conditions. The serum obtained from this process is subsequently reinjected back into the patient’s painful region.
The Orthokine®-therapy has been in use since 1997. Hundreds of physicians successfully use this therapy internationally. Hundreds of thousands of injections have been performed without complications.
What conditions can be treated with the Orthokine® therapy?
The Orthokine®-therapy is proven for the treatment of
• joint pain due to osteoarthritis (stages I-III)
• back pain
• tendon or muscle injuries
that do not require surgery. With the Orthokine®-therapy, multiple areas of the body may be treated simultaneously.
What are the advantages of the Orthokine®-therapy?
The Orthokine®-therapy is based on using only substances that originate from the body of the patient. Therefore it is very well tolerated. The anti-inflamm- atory and regenerative components of the processed serum cause long lasting clinical effects.
How does the Orthokine®-therapy work?
The Orthokine®-therapy works by inhibiting pain and inflammation in
• osteoarthritis
• nerve root irritation, injuries to tendons or muscles
• post surgical rehabilitation
Pain is reduced. Thereby fitness and mobility of the affected area are impro- ved and recovery is accelerated by regenerative factors in the serum.
How long do the effects of the Orthokine®-therapy last?
Every case is different. It is impossible to predict how long the benefits of the Orthokine®-therapy will last in a given individual. Amongst other factors it is dependent on the severity of injury at the start of treatment.
When is the Orthokine®-therapy not recommended?
This treatment should not be initiated while you are suffering from an acute infection or fever, have had diarrhea in the last three days, have taken antibiotics at any time in the preceding week or have received a vaccination in the last four weeks. Preferably, the Orthokine®-therapy should be performed on patients who are in stable overall health.
What interactions with other treatments may occur?
No negative interactions of the Orthokine®-therapy with medications or other treatment methods have been observed.
What side effects may occur?
The serum used in the Orthokine®-therapy is of 100% endogenous origin, it is obtained entirely from the patient’s own body. The mode of action is biological, making the Orthokine®-therapy an especially well tolerated method.
Side effects are rare. Occasionally, an irritation may be caused by the injection itself.
What does the Orthokine® treatment consist of?
At the physicians practice you will have a blood specimen drawn in the morning. You will then be given an appointment for the first injection in the course of the following week(s). Based on the recommendation of the physician, you will receive several injections usually once or twice a week.
Has the Orthokine®-therapy been proven scientifically?
Several studies are available, which prove effectiveness and long-term benefit of the Orthokine®-therapy: two knee osteoarthritis studies, one anterior cruciate ligament replacement study, one achilles tendon injury study and two muscle injury studies.
How many reinjections are necessary?
The number of reinjections depends on the severity of the pathology and the indication. The recommendations derive from the clinical studies and the practical experience of the developer of this therapy, Prof. Dr. Peter Wehling, Dusseldorf, Germany.
Can the Orthokine®-therapy be repeated?
From a medical point of view, treatment can be repeated any number of times.
Is the Orthokine®-therapy paid for by health insurance plans?
No. In Germany the Orthokine®-therapy is not covered by the statutory health insurance plans, it is covered by some private insurance plans.
Cost of treatment will depend on the nature and severity of the condition, and the choice of therapy modalities selected by the physician in consultation with the patient. Thus costs may vary according to the number of injections required, as well as any accompanying therapies. You may want to contact your private insurer to determine which costs, if any, are covered.
Where can I receive the Orthokine®-therapy?

Dr Zoran Grujić

The Orthokine®-therapy is provided by physicians, not pharmacists. The treating physician obtains the medical device from the manufacturer. This therapy is offered only by physicians who have been specifically trained in the use of this method and the products involved.