Hidden within beauties of the magnificent park of Banja Koviljača, in the very heart of royal facilities Villa Herzegovina and Villa Dalmatia, the Restaurant “Pod Kulom“ is both - a part of Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital Banja Koviljača, and an entity which may boast with its rich offer and top service.

Restoran Pod Kulom

The Restaurant “Pod Kulom” is 11 years old, it has 100 seats and it is located within the famous tower which resembles a royal crown. With four gardens at three levels and 164 seats, providing fabulous view towards the park, “Pod Kulom” has modern interior creating an ideal place for rest and joy during any season.

Our Restaurant is well-known by its famous specialties of the house and a supreme method of food preparation and serving. Numerous trophies decorate walls of Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital, and among those are Golden Tourist Heart from 2003 and the cup from Novi Sad Fair from 2007. The Restaurant also won gold medals at the international gastro fest held at Novi Sad Fair in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2007.

The ambient of natural beauties and ancient facilities create a special feeling of inspiration and cozy atmosphere for the restaurant customers, and in the evening, our guests may enjoy the selected melodies of the traditional music. In addition, we offer relaxation in the wellness center “Kovilje”, where you can relax after a busy day.