On this page, you can find answers to most frequently asked questions. We are here to help you in solving your doubts and dilemmas quickly and easy.
You have some additional questions? You can get answers to these and any other question at any time by sending your queries to e-mail address info@banjakoviljaca.rs or via phone +381 15 895 210, +381 15 895 211, every day from 7h to 21h.

The hospital day price for one person per one day includes:

- Accommodation in a room or suite
- Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
- An examination by a physician
- Four treatments per day, except on Sundays

Yes, the Visitor's Tax is paid and it amounts to 60 RSD per day for adults and 30 RSD for children under 18.

Yes. For every service you paid but could not use or had to terminate the treatments, you will be refunded your money.

Every room has its bed part and a bathroom. Some rooms have a balcony. Suits are bigger and more comfortable than rooms, and in addition to this bed part and bathroom, they have a completely equipped small kitchen. Some suits have a balcony.

You have to bring some personal identification (ID card, passport). If you have any medical documents from previous treatments, bring those with you. Moreover, if you use any medications, you should bring these as well. As for clothes, bring something comfortable, sneakers, bathing suit, towels for the mud.

No. Smoking of cigarettes is strictly forbidden within Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital, in its rooms, restaurants and therapy department.

Yes. The vouchers are approved for bed and breakfast. Minimum one month is required from the date of booking to a date of stay. For more information, please call +381 15 895 210.

Yes. You may come for an examination every day until 14h, schedule your treatments and use them during the preferred number of days.

If you are a pensioner of the Republic of Serbia, you may pay your treatment in 6 monthly installments via pension administrative order. For more information, please call 38115 895 210.

At the moment, the only benefit is delayed payment in 6 monthly installments via pension administrative order.

Therapies cannot be defined in advance. A physician performs a mandatory examination upon your arrival and she/he gives her/his recommendations for using some therapies based on your health status.

Yes. You do not have to have a referral covered by the health insurance to have treatment in Specialized Hospital. You may use accommodation and therapies, as much as you wish, as per the actual pricelist, depending on your booking.

Yes. Upon having consultations with a physician, you may pay for some extra therapies which are not included in the price of a hospital day.

The natural factor is indicated for rheumatology diseases, diseases of joints and bones and many other conditions. It would be the best if you consult our physician specialist whether the natural factor is indicated for your health condition.

If you do not want to use therapies, you may be our wellness customer (to use a sauna, fitness center, one ai-chi term and indoor and outdoor swimming pool within the Wellness Center Kovilje, every day including Sundays) but there is no option of using accommodation without using either therapies or the Wellness Center services.

No. We only provide full board services for all clients staying in our facilities.

If you do not want to use therapies, you may be our wellness customer (to use a sauna, fitness center, one ai-chi term and indoor and outdoor swimming pool within the Wellness Center Kovilje, every day including Sundays), than you may be an ALL INCLUSIVE customer or a customer of THE PROGRAM FOR WEIGHT LOSS WITH BALNEOTHERAPY.

You should bring medical documents, if you have any, from previous treatments (discharge papers, laboratory findings, doctor's reports).

At the moment, the only benefit is delayed payment in 6 monthly installments via pension administrative order.

Yes. It is free of charge, it is secured and covered with surveilling cameras.

Yes. There is an exchange office within the Post Service in our facility.

No. Every payment must be made in local currency (dinar).

Yes. There are two board restaurants – Plavi (Blue) and Crveni (Red), and one more Pod kulom, which is also a café bar and à la carte restaurant.

Banja Koviljaca has mild continental climate, with many sunny days, warm summer and mild to moderate winter.

Yes. The sulphuric bath, Wellness Center, the new building, Villa Herzegovina and Villa Dalmatia are all connected with closed corridors.

Yes. We are open on workdays for admissions, information and booking from 7h to 21h. For examination and therapies, working hours are from 7h to 21h on workdays and Saturdays. Therapies are executed on workdays and Saturdays. Therapies are not executed on national holidays and on Sundays.

It is required to book accommodation quite earlier. We recommend at least one month earlier. For bookings during summer, it is necessary to make these even three months in advance, while bookings for single room are made even 4 or more months in advance. You can book via phone +381 15 895 210 or +381 15 895 211, or via e-mail address info@banjakoviljaca.rs

Yes. You should visit your physician in your Health Institution who will explain you in which way you can get a referral for the Hospital and who will, based on your diagnosis and residence, give a proposal for either outpatient or hospital treatment.

Yes. You may pay board meals as preferred in some of our restaurants.

Children under 7 are not allowed to enter the Wellness Center. Children from 7 to 10 years old may use the Wellness Center services being accompanied by an adult and with 50% discount.

Yes. For each customer, there are towels, slippers and bathrobes provided.

Yes. Wi-Fi is free of charge and every room within the Hospital as well as the Wellness Center are covered by Wi-Fi.

Yes. There is a shop in Villa Herzegovina, on the ground floor, near the reception desk.

Yes. There is a post office next to the reception desk.

Yes. We accept MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, Yuba and Dina cards.

An examination for therapies is not required to be scheduled. However, specialist and subspecialist examinations have to be scheduled via phone +381 15 895 213.

The Standard facility is located at the very center of Banja Koviljaca. It is about 300 meters far from the major facility, on the other side of the park.

Physicians recommend 21 days of the physical treatment. In order to achieve regular therapy effect, it takes at least 10 therapy days.