Osteoporosis is a chronic disease of skeletal system developing due to loss of bone mass and reduction of mineral bone density, i.e. disorders in the bone tissue structure which result in thinning and fragility of bones with increased tendency to fractures which most often occur in vertebral discs, arms or hip. 

Approximately 10% of world population has this disorder, i.e. every second menopausal woman, and many are not aware of it. Female population is particularly susceptible to this disease.  

Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital Banja Koviljaca has been managing osteoporosis since 2004.  The program was prepared in cooperation with Medical School in Belgrade, i.e. Institute for Rheumatology mentored by Prof.Dr. Nada Pilipović and Dr. Slobodan Branković, who are engaged both as regular and expert consultants for our institution, and perform examinations on our patients once a month.

This implies bone density measurements on the spine and hip as the most reliable locations for assessment of bone strength, in order to make diagnosis, and follow-up measurements, i.e. monitoring of therapy effect in patients with osteoporosis, risk assessment for fractures in the coming 10-year period, interpretation of findings and proposing therapies, i.e. preventive measures. Depending on physician's judgement, X-ray and blood and urine analysis for checking from calcium concentration to specific markers which indicate metabolic activity of bone tissue (monitoring of therapy effect) may all be required and performed.  This also includes recommendations for a treatment, i.e. application of medicines and physical treatment.

Therapies in the spa imply application of kinesitherapies, i.e. a special program of exercises aimed to increase bone and muscle strength, improve balance and coordination, i.e. to stabilize walking in order to prevent falls and possibilities for fractures, application of natural salutary mud and water, magnetic therapy and a unique treatment with Horizontal Therapy.
Salutary effect of these therapies is confirmed both empirically and with many scientific papers, and it primarily refers to prevention of fractures.

We have created a necessary education program for patients on general information about osteoporosis, risk factors for its development, i.e. measures for preventing it with a particular note to proper and healthy diet and optimum physical activity, while patients have a special diet in our institution.

Bone density measurement is done every workday, without scheduling. The price for this procedure is RSD 3,000.00.
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