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Modern age epidemic is a state commonly know as managerial disease. this condition is the answer of our bodies to the constant, chronic stress, in persons usually middle aged, at a responsible position at work, who are expected to make quick, important decisions daily.

Accumulated stress is the basis of this condition, since prolonged effect of stress on the organism leads to increased concentration of catecholamines - cortisol from the adrenal gland. It can lead to the disorder of the finest regulatory mechanisms in the organism, changes in electrolites, decrease of potassium levels, sodium retention, lipids disorders (increase in bad cholesterol), glycemia increase, atherosclerosis development, increased blood pressure - which is a risk for the development of heart attack or stroke, diabetes, and in some cases reduction of the function of thyroid and sex glands.

In Europe, according to epidemiology reports, there are around 50 milion people that suffer from some form of managerial disease. Serbia also has a lot of reported cases.
Do not ignore the sings that your body is trying to send you. Practice regular physical activity and balanced diet. Occassionally, allow yourself a break in these times of stress and hectic pace and relax with short yet comprehensive break - relax with our Relax program.

This program is especially designed so that it affects all senses, leading to utter relaxation and detoxification of your body. It's unique designed to overlapps and complements tradition with modern approach to prevention and health preservation.


Relax program abounds in contents that restore energy and make you happy, with regaining internal balance and the sensation of complete relaxation.

Relax program includes:

  • Accommodation in double room
  • Full board
  • Sauna, fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools at Kovilje Wellness Center
  • Wellness programs (Kingdom oj Joy, Royal Dream, Floating on Clouds,  Life Energy Renewal)
  • Health check-up:
    • Laboratory tests (Complete blood count, sedimentation, glucose, lipid status, bilirubin, AST, ALT, urea, creatinin, urine)
    • Ultrasonic examination of carotid and vertebral arteries
    • Consultation with dietitian and the prescription of diet plan
    • Consultation with medical specialist and test results interpretation

Duration of the program is 4 days..
Price of the program is 40,370 RSD
Single room supplement - 1000 RSD per day

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